Hardware Support

Also known as: Tech Support, technology support, IT support, computer support, network support, systems management and administration

Basically, the 'hands-on' support between the hardware and the software. To get the desktop to run the application, the network has to work, the server has to run, the phones must ring and the stuff can't get stolen!

Covered (but are not limited to):
  • Workstation Computers
    Desktop PCs, laptops, netbooks, tablet PCs, palm-computers, smart-phones
  • Server Computers
    Shared file systems, corporate e-mail (such as Microsoft Exchange)
  • Network Engineering and Installation
    Premise cabling, routers, switches
  • Shared Equipment
    Network printers and scanners
  • Phone Systems and VoIP
    Analog/POTS (plain old telephone system), digital, Voice over IP (network-based phones)
  • Video Surveillance
    Time-lapse analog, digital imprint, IP cameras
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