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Trinity Group Global (2008)


For twenty-seven years, Trinity Group has been an owner and operator of distinguished food and beverage operations. In 1980, Mr. Terry Delley developed his first Burger King franchise in Phoenix, Arizona, and for the next eleven years, he grew his business into a multi-unit, highly profitable restaurant operation. Along the way, Mr. Delley established relationships with local business leaders and public servants, while building his firm’s reputation as one of excellence and dependability.


To build a corporate web site that shares the dual-use of public and Intranet resources. Security for the site shares the authentication engine with the Zimbra email system. There is also access to a custom email user manager within. The Intranet portion supplies a Learning Management System (LMS), a Document Management System (DMS) and a highly customized Task Management System (TMS) that can be used internally for staff as well as comment communication with their restaurant customers.


Joomla, LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), Zimbra


Trinity Group, Inc.