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Custom Programming

Also known as: Putting a 'lift-kit' and a super-charger on the FREE open-source software that we find floating around out there on the net!

In order to take full advantage of any software, there must be some personal customization. At the lowest level, there are the 'options' that are already built-in. All software has some capability of minor adjustment. With 'open-source' code, we can go far beyond that!

We focus our coding strengths on (but of course are not limited to):
  • LAMP
    Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP... our language of choice! Best of all... it's all 'open-source' and FREE!
  • Perl
    Most powerful as a Linux OS scripting language for server-side maintenance and automation.
  • Bash
    Another Linux scripting language best used for server-side maintenance.
  • .NET/ASP
    Microsoft's Web 2.0 language of choice.
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